CYMSA: Cyprus Medical Students’ Association

The “Cyprus Medical Students’ Association” (CyMSA) constitutes the first independent collaboration of Medical students in Cyprus aiming to empower the voices of Medical students but also promoting them to international scientific and Medical communities. CyMSA is a non-governmental organisation and was created so that every Medical student will have the opportunity to develop his talent and skill through our activities. In parallel, we present the opportunity to students of other scientific fields to get better acquainted with Medicine. Our main goal is to provide Medical students with the right to cultivate their dreams for a better world.

CyMSA has 5 Standing Committees namely, Standing Committee on Public Health / Human Rights and Peace / Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right including HIV & AIDS / Medical Education / Professional Exchanges.This week is dedicated to learning more about the SC. Each day, information about the SC and its national officer will be posted so that you may learn more about the themes and activities conducted by each and find a SC that suits your interests and passions! Once you have decided which SC resonates with your interests, you can fill out the Google form available on the link below so that you can be a part of the standing committee of your choice.

If you are a medical student in Cyprus:

Finally, we hope for acceptance and support of our students, so that we may continue our efforts here. 

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